Short Term Marriages

Some marriages are considered by the courts during the divorce process as “short term marriages.”  These are marriages that last under seven years. The courts, however, do have discretion to treat certain short term marriages different from the next because the judge presiding over the case is allowed to look at certain factors in determining alimony and equitable distribution, even when dealing with a short term marriage.  Even the shortest of marriages have to be dissolved through the dissolution of marriage process.  Unfortunately, the clerk of court does not distinguish marriages by length of time when determining the cost of filing these actions.  The cost to file a petition for dissolution of marriage in most counties is in the ballpark of $400 and that is just to get your case filed.  People looking to dissolve short term marriages often present with limited to no marital assets and no children.  If that is the case, often the filing of only a financial affidavit from both parties is required, so long as the parties agree to waive mandatory disclosure which normally requires the parties to exchange financial information to promote fair dealings when working out a marital settlement agreement. Of course, if there are children involved, the dissolution process will mandate both parents participate in a parenting class and that the children participate in a similar program to learn how to cope with the broken relationships often created by divorced households.  A formal parenting plan will be required along with a child support order pursuant to Florida Statute.


Bed Bug Bites

As inviting and clean as they seem, hotels often cut corners that can lead to guest injuries.  We have handled multiple bed bug cases throughout Miami and South Florida.  You often see injury lawyers advertise for slip and fall cases, trip and fall cases, motor vehicle accidents, and traumatic brain injuries, but what about when someone rents a hotel room and after an uncomfortable night sleep that often begins with itching and scratching wakes up with hundreds of bug bites on their skin?  Hotels often overlook inspecting their mattresses for bed bug infestations and this can lead to some very uncomfortable and unhappy guests.  What’s worse is that the guest often will require medical treatment because the bits are numerous and extremely uncomfortable.  There are medical bills that result from any treatment and the hotel can be held responsible if they knew or should have known about the condition of the mattress or failed to inspect the mattress properly.  If you have been the victim of a bed bug case, then call our office for a free evaluation of your case immediately.  We handle personal injury cases throughout Miami and South Florida and are happy to speak with you.

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