Timesharing in Divorce or Paternity Cases

It is very important to understand that not every judge rules the same way on timesharing issues.  There is no formula for calculating timesharing of your children that a judge can refer to in a Miami divorce of Miami paternity case.  Judges in Miami-Dade County have very large case loads and they do not listen to parties who bicker when appearing before them.

As a party to a Miami divorce or Miami paternity case you have to understand that court should be the last resort to resolving your timesharing dispute.  People have to come together and decide these issues on their own, it will save you heartache and money.   Sometimes these timesharing issues can be resolved with a phone-call, others require formal mediation to help decide the issue. If trial is the only solution to your Miami paternity or Miami timesharing case, then the lawyers at CP Law Firm, PA are here to help.   Remember, hire a qualified Miami family lawyer to help you with your case.

Short Term Marriages

Some marriages are considered by the courts during the divorce process as “short term marriages.”  These are marriages that last under seven years. The courts, however, do have discretion to treat certain short term marriages different from the next because the judge presiding over the case is allowed to look at certain factors in determining alimony and equitable distribution, even when dealing with a short term marriage.  Even the shortest of marriages have to be dissolved through the dissolution of marriage process.  Unfortunately, the clerk of court does not distinguish marriages by length of time when determining the cost of filing these actions.  The cost to file a petition for dissolution of marriage in most counties is in the ballpark of $400 and that is just to get your case filed.  People looking to dissolve short term marriages often present with limited to no marital assets and no children.  If that is the case, often the filing of only a financial affidavit from both parties is required, so long as the parties agree to waive mandatory disclosure which normally requires the parties to exchange financial information to promote fair dealings when working out a marital settlement agreement. Of course, if there are children involved, the dissolution process will mandate both parents participate in a parenting class and that the children participate in a similar program to learn how to cope with the broken relationships often created by divorced households.  A formal parenting plan will be required along with a child support order pursuant to Florida Statute.

Bed Bug Bites

As inviting and clean as they seem, hotels often cut corners that can lead to guest injuries.  We have handled multiple bed bug cases throughout Miami and South Florida.  You often see injury lawyers advertise for slip and fall cases, trip and fall cases, motor vehicle accidents, and traumatic brain injuries, but what about when someone rents a hotel room and after an uncomfortable night sleep that often begins with itching and scratching wakes up with hundreds of bug bites on their skin?  Hotels often overlook inspecting their mattresses for bed bug infestations and this can lead to some very uncomfortable and unhappy guests.  What’s worse is that the guest often will require medical treatment because the bits are numerous and extremely uncomfortable.  There are medical bills that result from any treatment and the hotel can be held responsible if they knew or should have known about the condition of the mattress or failed to inspect the mattress properly.  If you have been the victim of a bed bug case, then call our office for a free evaluation of your case immediately.  We handle personal injury cases throughout Miami and South Florida and are happy to speak with you.

Settling Divorces

At the CP Law Firm our philosophy is to try to reach amicable settlements in of our divorce cases because taking a case to trial is extremely expensive for both parties (the Husband and the Wife).  Sometimes, however, both parties cannot agree on certain issues and when that happens the only option left is to have a judge decide.  It is important to understand that even the judge in divorce cases will try to get the parties to settle on the day of trial often citing to the displeasure even the judge will have by not being able to make everyone happy with his or her decision.  Think about it.  A complete stranger will hear witness testimony in your case for several days sometimes, depending on the complexity of the issues involved, and then slam down the gavel with a decision as to what you all must do with your property and your children.  There is no way to accurately predict whether the decisions will be favorable to either party.  That is why it is extremely important to keep an open mind when trying to settle the case.  Both parties should be creative when contemplating viable options to settle equitable distribution, timesharing and other divorce issues.

If you or someone you know would like to consult the firm with respect to an ongoing or new divorce case, please do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals at CP Law Firm.

Things Your Attorney Should Know During Your Personal Injury Case

Personal injury law firms in Miami all handle personal injury cases differently. Your Miami personal injury attorney should know how to conduct a thorough investigation into the facts and circumstances regarding your particular case, whether your case is a slip and fall, trip and fall, motor vehicle accident, cruise ship accident or other type of accident. You need to ensure that your personal injury attorney in Miami knows what he or she is doing. At the CP Law Firm, we will begin by investigating your case and notifying all parties involved who are found to be responsible. Once we conduct an investigation which includes taking photographs of the scene and any injuries and have confirmed proper coverage, your Miami personal injury attorney should already have established relationships with local physicians to coordinate treatment of the injuries that you sustained in the motor vehicle accident or other accident.

Your Miami personal injury attorney should know that as a result of the incident, you are in pain. Since you are in pain, the proper treatment regimen should be outlined by the physician that you are being treated with. You should provide your Miami personal injury attorney with evidence of medical expenses that you pay out of pocket and also lots wage information, because some of these cases allow for recovery of lost wages when you are out of work from your injury. If you or anyone you know have suffered a personal injury in Miami, you should call a personal injury law firm in Miami that knows how to handle a case.

Trapped in an Elevator?

If you are trapped in an elevator for hours and suffer injuries, both physical and mental, the CP Law Firm may be able to help you.  Depending on the facts of your particular case you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  The compensation can include payment for medical bills in the past, present and future, and mental anguish.  These injuries have to be proven in a court of law and we do that by entering medical bills and records into evidence to substantiate your claims.  For premises liability cases involving elevators, the actual elevator company may be brought into the claim or lawsuit to defend the functionality of their elevator.  The hotel or condominium may bring the elevator company in and “point the finger” at them in order to defer liability for the incident.  These kinds of cases are very interesting because no one likes to be caught in an elevator and often times these cases arise from visiting tourists who wish to only have a nice vacation, only to have it ruined by negligence.   The CP Law Firm can help you with your elevator injury case.