Timesharing in Divorce or Paternity Cases

It is very important to understand that not every judge rules the same way on timesharing issues.  There is no formula for calculating timesharing of your children that a judge can refer to in a Miami divorce of Miami paternity case.  Judges in Miami-Dade County have very large case loads and they do not listen to parties who bicker when appearing before them.

As a party to a Miami divorce or Miami paternity case you have to understand that court should be the last resort to resolving your timesharing dispute.  People have to come together and decide these issues on their own, it will save you heartache and money.   Sometimes these timesharing issues can be resolved with a phone-call, others require formal mediation to help decide the issue. If trial is the only solution to your Miami paternity or Miami timesharing case, then the lawyers at CP Law Firm, PA are here to help.   Remember, hire a qualified Miami family lawyer to help you with your case.