Trapped in an Elevator?

If you are trapped in an elevator for hours and suffer injuries, both physical and mental, the CP Law Firm may be able to help you.  Depending on the facts of your particular case you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  The compensation can include payment for medical bills in the past, present and future, and mental anguish.  These injuries have to be proven in a court of law and we do that by entering medical bills and records into evidence to substantiate your claims.  For premises liability cases involving elevators, the actual elevator company may be brought into the claim or lawsuit to defend the functionality of their elevator.  The hotel or condominium may bring the elevator company in and “point the finger” at them in order to defer liability for the incident.  These kinds of cases are very interesting because no one likes to be caught in an elevator and often times these cases arise from visiting tourists who wish to only have a nice vacation, only to have it ruined by negligence.   The CP Law Firm can help you with your elevator injury case.