Family Law in Miami

At CP Law Firm we strive each and every day to help families with their legal needs.  We are a client first family law firm.  Our wide range of Miami family law attorney services includes Miami divorce (dissolution of marriage), paternity, child support, time sharing, domestic violence and modifications.  Our offices are in downtown Miami in walking distance to the Lawson Thomas Family Courthouse.

Are you a father struggling to see your children because the mother of your children won’t let you?  Are you a mother trying to collect child support from the father of your children with little or no success?  Do you need a Miami child support order or an income withholding order from the court?  Are you stuck with a time sharing agreement that no longer suits your family’s needs and would like it modified?  Do you want to get out of your marriage?  Are you concerned about how your property will be divided when you divorce?  Is your husband or wife cheating on you?  Are you the victim of domestic violence and need a lawyer to ensure that it stops?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the family law attorney’s at CP Law Firm are here to help you.  We are a family law firm trained to handle most of your family’s legal needs.  Our consultations generally range from one to several hours, depending on the complexity of your issues. Our family law attorney’s have counselled hundreds of clients on the widest ranges of family issues and our goal is to help each client that retains us.

CP Law Firm is a comprehensive family law firm and we are here for you.  Have you begun your family case and reached a point where you don’t know how to proceed and need a family law firm to help you with legal representation?  If so, you have come to the right place.  A seasoned family law attorney at the CP Law Firm is best suited to assist you with your case and the court system which is inevitably where you are at this point.  Your family case is governed by the Florida Rules of Family Procedure and the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.  Both sets of laws are extremely complicated for the non-lawyer client.  Even if you have a hearing tomorrow morning (as you are reading this page), don’t hesitate to call a family law attorney at CP Law Firm, PA.  You should not go to court alone!

Please call us for a consultation to discuss your legal needs, whether it be divorce, timesharing, child support or domestic violence in Miami or anywhere in South Florida.  Call us now at 786-369-8863!

The lawyers at CP Law Firm handle personal injury and family cases throughout South Florida, with our main office located in downtown Miami, Florida.  If you have suffered personal injury due to any type of accident then we invite you to call our office anytime.


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