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Have you been injured in a Miami car accident, slip and fall, trip and fall, boat accident or any other kind of accident in Miami or anywhere in the State of Florida?  If you answered yes to this question then you need a law firm with a proven track record to handle your personal injury case.

In unfortunate event of a personal injury accident it is of utmost importance to call the CP Law Firm immediately.  The reason why is because much of the discovery or investigation into your case must be done at the earliest time possible in order to preserve the evidence in your injury case.   Often times we see cases where the client and sometimes the prior attorney do not take the proper steps to preserve photographs of the scene or witness statements, which is essential in personal injury cases of all types.  Lots of times, the accused party in an accident case will fix the problem that caused the accident.  This is because the law in Florida favors defendants to do so.  The theory is that fewer accidents will occur if the defendants are allowed to fix their negligence after a personal injury accident.  It is not uncommon then to visit a scene a day after an accident, only to find the condition that caused the personal injury accident is corrected.  The personal injury attorneys Miami at CP Law Firm are trained to understand how to immediately preserve the scene of an accident, and we work closely with investigators to do so.

In the event of a car accident causing personal injuries, for example, the law has become very strict about when you can see a doctor and how much money your insurance will provide for your care.  There are also strict time limits that govern the filing of lawsuits in accident cases.  If you were injured on the job, the law is totally different than if you were not working at the time of the accident.  That is why it is very important to call the firm directly and speak to a personal injury lawyer Miami about your case.  Of course, all personal injury case consultations are free, and we will visit you at your home, office or the hospital to discuss your case.

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Car Accidents resulting in Personal Injury

Car accidents are the most common accident causing injury in Miami, Florida.  Traffic car accidents occur all over the state but Miami-Dade County has one of the highest incidences of car accidents resulting in bodily injury in the entire state of Florida.  The reason is that there are more drivers on the road in Miami, therefore, increasing the chances of a bodily injury accident to arise.

The CP Law Firm has handled thousands of car accident cases resulting in personal injury and we are happy to serve our clients.  The first step in a car accident case resulting in injury is the investigation, which typically begins with the intake process.  Often it is necessary to expedite the intake process in order to begin the investigation to preserve evidence.  This goes for all personal injury cases.  We will gather all relevant information and ensure that the medical treatment for your injuries is in line with your needs.  Over the years, the CP Law Firm has developed strong lasting relationships within the personal injury physician community and we will use those relationships to facilitate in selecting the right doctor for your treatment.  While you or your loved one should be focused solely on bringing your health back to pre-accident levels, your CP Law Firm attorney will handle your insurance issues such as PIP, Health Insurance, Personal Injury/Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist. We will monitory your care from day one until the physicians mutually determine that you have reached maximum medical improvement.  At which time, your CP Law Firm attorney will prepare a demand letter and begin negotiating a settlement for your case.

Trip and Fall or Slip and Fall Resulting in Personal Injury (Premises Liability/Negligence)

The CP Law Firm has represented hundreds of slip and fall or trip and fall personal injury victims throughout the State of Florida.  Trip and fall or slip and fall cases typically happen in places that conduct business.  Our clients are more often than not “business invitees,” which is a legal term establishing certain legal rights to the client when visiting places that are open for business. When you have slipped and fell or tripped and fell in either a public place or a private business, it is imperative to begin the investigation, immediately.  Slip and fall cases, for example, that result in injury typically begin while you are laying on the ground in pain.  At CP Law Firm we see either a witness, or a store employee arrive at the scene and then either assist or call upon a manager to assess the situation.  More often than not an incident report is generated while you are still at the store, and perhaps the video system is checked by either the manager or the victim (sometimes both).  A store will often not cooperate with the victim in fear of impending claim against them or litigation.  This often causes the store and employees to shun the victim.  Often the store or employees are extremely unprofessional.  It is very important that the personal injury victim take photographs of the condition that caused the fall and speak to the witnesses if there were any.

When you hire the CP Law Firm, we will assess your case and begin investigation into the facts immediately to preserve evidence. We will then set you up with the medical care that you need to help with your personal injuries, and once you are done with your treatment we can issue a demand letter to the responsible party in order to begin negotiating your fair compensation.

Personal Injury Litigation

If at the conclusion of your medical treatment, the insurance company or defendant has not offered an adequate or fair amount of money for your injuries, then an evaluation on our end will begin.  Your case will be evaluated for litigation status.  Litigation can be a long, drawn-out and emotional process and not all cases will qualify for personal injury litigation.  The CP Law Firm is qualified to make educated evaluations of which cases are ripe for litigation and which cases are not.  At the CP Law Firm we welcome the opinion of our clients during the litigation evaluation process and look forward to serving your personal injury litigation needs.

The lawyers at CP Law Firm handle personal injury and family cases throughout South Florida, with our main office located in downtown Miami, Florida.  If you have suffered personal injury due to any type of accident then we invite you to call our office anytime.


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