Why Choose Us

CP Law Firm was established in 2008 in order to serve the various legal needs of our clients.  Mr. Pato is well established in the legal community of South Florida and his knowledge and experience is the real reason why you should hire our firm.  When you come in for a consultation regarding your legal issue you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism by the attorneys here.

Every case will be treated with the highest quality of service.  At any time during a consultation you will be meeting with an attorney so that a qualified person may answer your questions.  Some firms believe in pushing legal staff to meet with the client through the case, we however, disagree with that approach.  At the CP Law Firm we understand that the initial intake is one of the most invaluable pieces of the case because that is the first time we get to know each other.

In family law cases this is especially important, as family cases typically require greater emotional attention from the attorney.  You should choose CP Law Firm to represent you because when you hire the firm you know you will be getting an attorney with a proven track record that really does care about your case.  You as the client will be notified and updated at the earliest possible moment in your case as to new developments.  Years of practice has taught me that clients are mostly unhappy when there is no communication with the lawyer.

At the CP Law Firm we make it a point to update the client almost immediately upon receipt of the news regarding their case.  Our clients stay informed throughout the process and it is not all times that the client receives good news, which is a reality of the legal process.  We share all news with our clients (good or bad).

You can rest assured you will be treated fairly at CP Law Firm.  We are supremely dedicated to the needs and wishes of our clients, and will stop at nothing to deliver you the best results.  It is this commitment that has built the CP Law Firm into what we are today.

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